Very popular app that walks you through the basics up to more advanced concepts.  Uses some game-based concepts (you earn points as you learn, ehich can be "cashed in" for game rewards).  You can join with friends and track each others progress, and even set up friendly competitions.   Excellent way to get started.

Web and App based instruction.

Similar to Duolingo, uses adaptive learning technology.  

Web and App based instruction.

A great tool that allows you to enter phrases or even sentences in either Spanish or English, and see actual usages in the target language.  Also has a great learning feature that allowas you to save items of interest and then view them as flashcards.  A BSLE recommended site.

Contextual Dictionary Site and App

Another useful contextual translator.  Input phrase and sentences as see actual target language useages.  

Contextual Dictionary Site and App

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