Our new Website

Well here it is at last.

We’ve talked about it for a while now… about how nice it would be to be able to have a web presence to serve as a connection between the many resources that are available to learn and practice Spanish, and our membership.

We have over 500 members now, all at various levels of course. Some wishing simply to have a place to practice the Spanish they have learned by many means, such as high school and/or college classes, travel, working as volunteers in Spanish-speaking countries, and so forth.

Others are looking for help with getting started, for lessons and/or guidance on how to best proceed.

Others still remain un-engaged, perhaps because they are unsure where to start, or are insecure about their abilities.

We want to be able to help everyone to the degree that we can.

So we started with our Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here, and it has been helpful. But it also has its limitations, and simply doesn’t, in and of itself, offer the flexibility that we wish to have.

With this new web page, we think we can now start to offer much more, including not only a collection of web resources, reviews, and video instruction on how to use them, but also a connection between instructors and those seeking them.

So, we hope you will use this page frequently, and to good effect. But also remember… there really is nothing better than the face-to-face practice that our conversation group provides. Language is a social function. Join our meetings! You can start by clicking right here.

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